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Celebrating Women

Women entrepreneurs

With as many as 50% of our valued Business Partners who are female, SKG Home Loans prides itself on creating opportunities for women entrepreneurs to set up successful small businesses by empowering and supporting their work. Experience has taught us that their deep roots and close ties to their communities mean they understand their clients’ needs and are able to provide personalised service in making many individuals’ dreams of homeownership come true. The results are life-changing for those who are able to set foot on the property ladder, and that’s what SKG Home Loans is all about.

Family values

Ours is a business that is built on family values and this is another aspect where women have made a tremendous contribution to our operations. SKG Home Loans really is a family and the fact that so many of our valued Business Partners have been with us for a long time says a lot about the success of our joint working relationships. Their loyalty, support and commitment have helped us get to where we are today!

Female first-home buyers

It is also promising to see that the current lending environment – interest rates at 50-year lows and a transfer duty threshold that’s been increased to include properties up to R1 million – is encouraging many first-home buyers to make the move from renting to buying, especially if we look at the lower price brackets. As many as 70% of our home loan applications are currently coming from first-home buyers and many of these are women. At present, our typical homebuyer is a professional woman in her late-30s. The statistics tell us that buyers are now more able to prioritise property investment thanks to improved affordability, which relates directly to the interest-rate environment and the increase in the transfer duty threshold.

Property has proven itself to be a resilient asset class with the potential to help build financial security over time, so it’s heartening to know that women are making use of these opportunities to potentially secure their future. 

Economic reality

Not only are these trends making a difference to the economic reality of many individual South Africans, but there is also the broader impact, which is what the government intended when implementing these measures, namely stimulating the economy. In this regard too, SKG Home Loans is committed to playing its part in keeping the wheels of our country turning.

We acknowledge and appreciate the many women who contribute on a daily basis to our success through their individual flair and invaluable contributions. We salute you!